Posted on Oct 12, 2018

Orson Hill Realty

When is the best time to list a home?
Some listing agents might tell sellers the best time to list a home is in the summertime. The reason behind this theory is that families with kids do not like to move during the school year. They want to be moved in, registered for school and unpacked before the first period bell of the first day of school. There is some truth to that. What it doesn’t account for is the buyers that have grown children or don’t have kids school age yet. These buyers are smart enough to not get caught up in the bidding wars and hassle of the craziness.

Appraisals lag behind a few months
Knowing that there are bidding wars and multiple offers pushing up home values happen in the summer months and it takes some time for those to close and be used by appraisers for comps, you will still get the benefit if not more if you wait till fall to list. In other words if the market is pushed up in June and Jully those sale prices don’t hit the MLS input until between a month or two later. Contract purchase price is never revealed until after closing has occurred. That means if prices are pushed up in June and July your home might appraise lower in June or July than in September and October.

Buyers shopping for homes in the fall and winter are serious home buyers
When buyers are out looking for homes in the fall and winter months a seller can be sure that they are Luxury home ready to buy. In the summer we get a lot of window shoppers. People, for some reason, seem to